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Christianity and Homosexuality Reconciled by Rev. Joseph Adam Pearson, Ph.D.


A Positive Look at Homosexuality and the Bible by Freedom in Christ Evangelical Church - San Francisco

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Christianity and Homosexuality Reconciled by Rev. Joseph Adam Pearson, Ph.D.(mp3 format)

Part 1 - Five Major Human Rights Issues in the  History of the Christian Church 
Part 2 - Organized Religion and the Seeming Dilemma that Exists for Homosexuals within the Christian Church 
Part 3 - The Story of Sodom 
Part 4 - Fertility Cult Gods and Goddesses in the Bible 
Part 5 - Levitical Law and Grace 
Part 6 - The Holy Bible in Relationship to Genital Identity and Gender Identity 
Part 7 - The Apostle Paul's Epistle to the Romans 

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